Monthly Archives: July 2007

31 Jul, 2007

“Lucky” Gordon Gerbick, the man and his hat

"Lucky" Gordon Gerbick wants to sell you a winning ticket for St. Sava's Annual Building Fund Raffle. Did you know that statistically, Gordon has sold the most grand prize winners ever? Of course, we encourage you to buy a ticket from anyone, but at least shake his hand for Good Luck! Last year's Raffle helped

30 Jul, 2007

NWI Times Interviews Milan Opacich: Museum

The NWI Times interviewed Milan Opacich about the Serbian Cultural Mini-Museum at the upcoming St. Sava Serb Fest. From the article: This year's temporary museum will feature a new Wall of Fame that will illustrate the achievements of St. Sava's most famous parishioners, including the following: Gary-born Bishop Varnava, who was venerated to sainthood in

10 Jul, 2007

WANTED: Serbian Cultural Items for Museum

WANTED: Historic photos, publications, books, documents, costumes, music recordings, films, artifacts, and memorabilia about St. Sava, Serbs, Gary, Yugoslavia, and Serbian culture. We would like your help in gathering historical items for this year's mini-museum at Serb Fest and future projects such as the up-coming library and temporary museum exhibits that will be displayed there.