Akathist at St. Sava Church: St. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople – Thursday, Feb. 18

Join us this Thursday, Feb. 18 at 6:00 p.m. at St. Sava Church in Merrillville, Indiana for our weekly Akathist prayers (Click here to learn more about the Akathist prayer services at St. Sava Church).

This week we offer praises for St. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople.

Veneration of the Holy Cross

This week’s Akathist is dedicated to St. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople.

A great light in the Church, he was a kinsman of the Emperor and grandson of the famous Patriarch Tarasius. He was a forceful protector of the Church from the power-seeking of the Pope and other Roman perverters of the Faith.

He passed through all the ranks from layman to Patriarch in six days, being made Patriarch at Christmas, 858.

He departed this life in the Lord in about 895.

The Orthodox Church venerates St Photius as a “pillar and foundation of the Church,” an “inspired guide of the Orthodox,” and a wise theologian. He left behind several works, exposing the errors of the Latins, refuting soul-destroying heresies, explicating Holy Scripture, and exploring many aspects of the Faith.

What is Akathist?

The Akathist Service at St. Sava Church in Merrillville, Indiana is a brief weekly celebration of the works of the Saints, Holy Days, and Holy Trinity.

The Akathist service lasts approximately 35 minutes and is an opportunity for a uniquely participatory service in which men and women may have the option to read passages from the Book of Akathists, exchanging phrasings with Clergy, and experiencing a unique mid-week spiritual connection with fellow parishioners.

St. Sava Church understands the lives of parishioners today are increasingly busy. The intention of the this evening service start time is to enable people to come together, after work, in the early evening, to worship as a community for a mid-week spiritual uplifting and connection.

Consider making Thursday nights a special night for the entire family. Start your evening at Akthist and then enjoy some additional quality time together as a family.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate as much as one feels comfortable. If you are new to the Orthodox Faith or if you are familiar, but haven’t been in touch recently, Akathist is a great way to connect and reconnect. It is completely acceptable to come to the Thursday evening Akathist service wearing a work uniform or making a visit on your way home from work. It’s not as much about what you wear as it is about the spirit you bring with you when you join us.

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