Children’s Choir Prepares Luncheon; St. Sava Annual Membership Meeting – Sunday, Jan. 17

Parents and leadership of the Children’s Choir at St. Sava are preparing a special luncheon in the South Wing Social Center that takes place immediately before the Annual Membership Meeting at St. Sava Church in Merrillville, Indiana Sunday, January 17.

The luncheon, beginning at approximately Noon, will consist of goulash, sauerkraut and sausage, homemade cakes and other specialties.

The Executive Board of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church has shared the agenda for the Annual Membership Meeting taking place immediately following the luncheon at 1:00 p.m.

This annual meeting will take place in accordance with the by-laws of the Church-School Parish, Part III, Article 16 (A, b, and c), the Annual Membership Assembly of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Parish membership.

All current members are encouraged to attend to gain important insights about church operations and to vote for the new Executive Board that will provide leadership throughout 2016.

A luncheon will be prepared by the parents and leaders of the Children’s Choir at St. Sava that will include goulash,¬†sauerkraut and sausage, homemade cakes, and other special items.

Annual Membership Assembly 2016 Agenda

The Executive Board proposes the following agenda:

  1. Opening of Assembly with prayer
  2. Establishment of the Quorum
  3. Election of the Assembly President
  4. Confirmation of the proposed agenda
  5. Acceptance of the minutes of the 2015 Annual Assembly
  6. Discussion and acceptance of the Executive Board reports:
    • Parish Priest
    • Financial Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Church School Report
    • Executive Board President
  7. Report of the Auditing Committee
  8. Report of the Audit Board
  9. Questions and proposals for the good of the Parish
  10. Election of delegates for the Diocesan Church Peoples Assembly
  11. Dismissal of the old Board and election of the new Board
  12. Closing of the Assembly with prayer

Dues will be collected at this Annual Meeting.

Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting, in two languages, will be attached to each member’s 2015 Report. In order to save time and spare our members of the need to have the 2015 minutes read in two languages, members will have ample time before the meeting to read the minutes in the language of his or her choice. This rule was unanimously passed at the 1989 General Assembly.

A copy of the above agenda information is included in a downloadable document in both English and Serbian.

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