Facilities and grounds clean-up day at St. Sava – Saturday, Jun. 4

Please join us beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the morning Saturday, June 4 near the Pavilion garage areas at St. Sava Church in Merrillville, Indiana for activities relating to facilities and grounds clean-up as part of the annual spring cleaning.

The major goals of the morning will be to:

  • Take out and haul away all old equipment coolers, freezers, chair, etc.
  • Clean out the small & large garage on the pavilion building
  • Clean out the coolers in the garage & outside lamb coolers
  • Clean out the utility room and relocate equipment & supplies
  • Clean up around the outside of the building: pulling weeds, etc.

The work will go more quickly with many hands. If you are able to join us to help clean-up, please bring any personal tools that could be helpful in the process –¬†weed trimmers, gloves, shovels, trucks….all could be used!

When arriving to help and volunteer, please begin at the Pavilion garage area and look for Danica Pejnovic, Vlade Stefanovic, Ray Radjenovich, or Steve Baroevich to find out where you can begin to help.

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