NWI Times Interviews Milan Opacich: Museum

By July 30, 2007 July 24th, 2015 Historical Society, Serb Fest

The NWI Times interviewed Milan Opacich about the Serbian Cultural Mini-Museum at the upcoming St. Sava Serb Fest. From the article:

This year’s temporary museum will feature a new Wall of Fame that will illustrate the achievements of St. Sava’s most famous parishioners, including the following:

Gary-born Bishop Varnava, who was venerated to sainthood in the Eastern Orthodox church; Diana (Chirich) Henery, who became the leading soprano for the Volksopera in Vienna, Austria; Nicholas “Jumbo” Strincevich, a retired American Major League baseball player; Walter Bogdanich, who won Pulitzer Prizes for national reporting in 1998 and 2005; and Milo Komenich, a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

Probably the most famous parishioner in the Wall of Fame is Mladen George Sekulovich, better known as Karl Malden, who won the 1952 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and was nominated in 1954 for his supporting role in “On the Waterfront.”

A past president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Malden was named the 40th recipient of the Screen Actors Guild’s Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment.

“Karl has never forgotten his roots,” Opacich said.

“He has made many donations to St. Sava’s.”

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